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Staged and Ready, LLC is a fully-insured Home Staging company providing Professional (ASPM®) Home Staging services to Realtors and their clients throughout North and South Carolina.

While we all know that a home reflects the style and personality of its owners when the decision is made to place the home on the market it is no longer the "family home". That "house" becomes a marketable product competing for the attention of a limited number of buyers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How do you set your listings apart from the crowd in that competitive environment? Get them Staged and Ready to sell! Contact us today and we’ll show you how the "magic" of ASPM® Home Staging can help you be more successful and make more money. By working within your seller’s budget and timeframe and using proven guidelines and techniques Staged and Ready, LLC Stages houses at all price levels to showcase their best features and have the broadest possible appeal to buyers typically resulting in faster top-dollar sales.

Staging is a proven marketing tool.
Staging is NOT decorating.

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We are here to serve you!

Call us today and let us show you how Staging can make all the difference.

Staged and Ready, LLC

Susan Turner

Accredited Staging Professional Master®


What a transformation Susan's Staging brought to our house! Her professionalism and creativity made her a joy to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone planning to put their home on the market. ~ Ruth Spears ~ Homeowner, Asheville, NC